The Edi-CAD is a joint initiative among the « Société Savante Cheikh AntaDiop », the African diopists and the afro-centrist Diasporas of Europe, America and Asia.

   This new afro-African edition house valorizes « scientific panafricanism » which stake is to « make Africa the cradle of science and knowledge in the 21th century », just as it was the case in the egypto-nubians antiquities.

To go about, the objectives of Edi-CAD are:

  • Promote publication of books in Africa in an afro-African edition house.
  • Facilitate publication of books restituting post doctorate research works of high magnitude and books of general knowledge.
  • Facilitate publication of the best Master thesis and PhD thesis so as to promote endogenous development in Africa through science. 

The Edi-CAD carries out three (03) major activities:

  • Editions of books
  • publications of books
  • Distributions of books

 The Edi-CAD has and is accompanied in her activities by a pludisciplinary scientific committee made up of outstanding qualified researchers from more than twenty countries.

Distribution zone: Africa, Caribbean and Pacific; European Union; East Europe; Asia; North America; South America; Australia

Contact us

  •   Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
  •   Nouvelle route cité,
  •   Douala, Cameroun
  •   P.O. Box: 5477 Douala, Cameroun
  •     (+237) 658 303 576

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