This book entitled THE CHALLENGE OF URBAN SUSTAINABILITY IN YAOUNDE: STAKES, ACTORS AND STRATEGIES seeks to show that the misuse of public infrastructures notably roads, drains and electric poles infrastructures by Yaounde city dwellers constitute an obstacle to the transformation of Yaounde into a sustainable city by 2030. The study is based on the main hypothesis that public infrastructures misuse hinders the achievement of SDG 11 by compromising its finality that is the sustainable welfare of citizens. It uses the qualitative method of research by collecting data gotten from documentary sources, field observations and interviews. The data collected enable the reader to understand three things: the importance of infrastructures for the achievement of SDG11, the importance of sustainable citizenship for the preservation of these infrastructures and the need to reinforce Cameroons educational system by integrating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) which is geared towards sustainability. The results then propose the policy of Education for Sustainable Development to be implemented in Cameroon in order to transform Yaounde into a sustainable city by 2030.


BERTRAND BEGOUMENIE is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations ( FSSIR) of the Protestant University of Central Africa (PUCA). He works on development issues and lecturer in many universities in Cameroon and abroad namely in Ivory Coast. He is the author of Chronique d’une décennie d’histoire agitée 2008-2018: Un regard d’africain sur la marche du monde.

FLORENCE NJINEMBO NAYEU is a researcher in peace and development studies at the Protestant University of Central Africa (PUCA). Her field of study is sustainable development and she is mostly concerned with the impact of cities in the achievement process of SDG”s. This book is a result of her research on the challenge of urban sustainability.

Détails du livre

Titre :

The challenge of urban sustainability in Yaounde: stakes, actors and strategies

Sous la Direction de : BEGOUMENIE Bertrand & NJINEMBO NAYEU Florence
Editeur : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Dynamiques Territoriales et Développement
ISBN : 978-9956-433-40-7   
Nombre de pages : 196
Dimensions : 15 x 23 cm
Date de publication : 10 septembre 2022
Prix : Afrique : 10 000 F.CFA /15,24 € - Hors Afrique : 16 557 F.CFA/ 25,24 €
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