The present book is a contribution to the evaluation of the implementation of computer studies in Cameroon secondary schools. In this connection, it contributes to bridging the gap between curriculum policies, curriculum design and curriculum implementation in Cameroon secondary schools. This concern has not been adequately addressed in curriculum work in Cameroon. The gap that continues to exist among the above three tasks of curriculum making may explain why people criticise the school curriculum as not being relevant enough to the needs of the country. This book comes at a time when the school system at all levels in Cameroon is putting in a lot of effort in human, financial and material resources to modernise teaching and learning in schools through the introduction of the computer as a tool to facilitate the work of teachers and learners, and as an asset for students’ to integrate the job market in this information era. By focusing on the assessment of the work that has been done at the secondary level, the book points out the issues and concerns that need to be addressed to ensure that the programme and strategies at that level respond to the national policy criteria of accessibility, effectiveness, equity and sustainability. Although the focus of the book is at the secondary level, its implication spans the primary and higher education levels. It is expected that the information found in this book would be useful to practitioners at the school, local and national levels in Cameroon. Dr NDEH NTOMAMBANG NINGO


Dr Véronique Priscille NGUIAMBA , born MFEGUE AMOUGOU is a Senior Lecturer. She teaches Curriculum Studies and Instruction (Pedagogy, Andragogy, Gerontagogy), Family related Education, E-Activities, E-Learning, Applied Didactics and Educational Research Methodology at ENSET, University of Douala, Cameroon. Visiting scholar in Canadian, Chinese, South African and Belgium universities, she is experienced in student’s support and records services and in MOOC production. Former Head of Service for Admissions, Records and Certification, she is currently Head of Department Home, Social and Family Economics. She is a member of notorious international Education Associations and Working Groups.

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Computer studies curriculum in Cameroon secondary schools

Auteur : Véronique Priscille NGUIAMBA
Editeur : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Univers Pédagogique en Mutation
ISBN : 978-9956-433-05-6
Nombre de pages : 236
Dimensions : 16 x 24 cm
Date de publication : 27 février 2021
Prix : Afrique : 13 400 Frs CFA / 20,42 € - Hors Afrique : 19 960 Frs CFA / 30,42 €
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