This book studies the phenomenon of foreign humanitarian intervention that was conceived after the end of the Cold War by the international community in reaction to the violent intra-state conflicts that became prominent around the world and on the African continent especially, to show how these interventions hinder the development of Africa in general and that of the CAR in particular. In fact, the international community hoped to efficiently resolve this new form of conflicts through humanitarian interventions. Regrettably, foreign humanitarian interventions have failed to sustainably resolve any of these conflicts over the years, particularly those occurring in Africa. Paying close attention to this unfortunate situation, it can be noticed that the failure of these interventions to resolve the said crises can be attributed to the national interests of the Western intervening states. This observation goes in line with the realist school of thought in international relations which hold that states are driven by their national interests to act on the international scene. The failure of foreign humanitarian interventions is therefore due to the fact that states are motivated to intervene in crises by the desire to pursue or preserve their national interests and not to rescue populations in distress. As a matter of fact, national interests prevail during humanitarian interventions to the disadvantage of humanitarian concerns, resulting in their perpetual failure to settle the conflicts in question. This was the case with France’s humanitarian intervention in the 2012 Central African Republic crisis that failed as a result of France’s economic and geopolitical interests in this country. Such failures do not contribute to development. Rather, the situation worsens, the state undergoing the intervention becomes more fragile and poverty increases.


Bertrand BEGOUMENIE is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations (FSSIR) of the Protestant University of Central Africa (PUCA). He works on development issues and lectures in many universities in Cameroon and abroad namely in Ivory Coast. He is the author of Chronique d’une décennie d’histoire agitée 2008-2018: Un regard d’africain sur la marche du monde.

Zeal MKONG i is a researcher in Peace and Development Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations (FSSIR) at the Protestant University of Central Africa. She deals with international cooperation and peace issues. She is passionate about youth empowerment and has been involved in various activities in this regard such as assisting in the organization of youth conferences and leading youth groups, some of which she created.

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Operation Sangaris: the hidden face of foreign humanitarian interventions. A hindrance to development.

Sous la Direction de : Bertrand BEGOUMENIE, Zeal MKONG
Editeur : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
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ISBN : 978-9956-433-35-3
Nombre de pages : 187
Dimensions : 16 x 24 cm
Date de publication : 17 août 2022
Prix : Afrique : 13 120 F.CFA/ 20€ - Hors Afrique : 19 680F.CFA/ 30€
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