This book proposes to make a reading of the representation of the values ​​and the development in the Cameroonian society. It exposes in a no less caricatural and pathetic way, the confusion that many Cameroonians of the daily life continue to maintain between on the one hand, the values ​​in the noble sense of the term (products of the human spirit, ingredients which accompany the process of ontologization and elevation of human societies) and on the other hand, valuable goods which are simply mere means produced for the material survival of man. Thus, at a time when other African societies and elsewhere are applying and investing in promoting the virtues that lead to these values, the consumption of material goods, the glorification of the artifices that flow from them and the exhibitionism for voyeuristic purposes, as dominant traits, gain rather in magnitude in the Cameroonian societal environment. A socioanalysis of the phenomenon gives to read through this behavior, the mentality of perseverance which is rooted in the inferiority and "famine" complex of Cameroonian daily, in contact with modernity. The over-valorization of the artifices and appearances that some people try to reduce to development, is above all the expression and consequence of a state of mind, the fruit of a failing vertical socialization that has led to the disguise and concealment of noble values ​​by a materialistic ruling elite and in search of notability. The author of the book presents a series of indicators that could govern the socialization of the "new Cameroonian" and lead to true development.


Albert NNA NTIMBAN is a University Professor (Ph.D in Political Sociology), Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Yaounde I. His teaching focuses on political sociology, sociology of knowledge, epistemology and sociology of communication. He is also Founding President of the Association of Southern Media Professionals (APMS), consultant in social communication, member of various research laboratories and author of several articles and scientific papers.

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Cameroun : La république des artifices et du paraître
Contribution à une lecture endogène des valeurs et du développement en Afrique noire

Author : Albert NNA NTIMBAN
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Historiographie du Monde Contemporain
ISBN : 987-9956-657-73-5
Number of pages : 190
Dimensions : 23,5 X 33,5 cm
Date of publication : October 24, 2019
Price : Africa : 20 €/ - Out of Africa : 30 € /
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