Listening to the songs of a number of musicians from Kasai in DR Congo, the audience feels like they are transported to heaven. The God of Jesus Christ benefits from attributes borrowed from the cultural universe of the singer-poet. Beyond the beauty of the melody, we have sometimes been asked to ask ourselves if the poet leaves God in his own consistency and redefines himself in relation to the exercise of his profession. This questioning led us to revisit a literary genre inspired by the Christian poet of Kasaï. This is kasala, of which we would like, in this book, to present the context of historical and cultural rooting, and to try to explain the meaning and the stake in the culture of the Bantu or the Luba people, in general, and Christian luba, in particular, before proceeding to a theological evaluation.


KALAMBA NSAPO is a doctor in theological sciences of the Catholic University of Louvain and a graduate in philosophy. His fields of research are: theology, religious anthropology, interculturality, African religions, sociology, historiography, African literature (kasala). He is a research fellow at the African University Institute for Prospective Studies, based in Kinshasa. He is also Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Intercultural Studies in Brussels and Professor at Per Ankh University of the Renaissance.

Details of the book

Title : Théologie kasaliste et droits de Dieu
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Caytou 1923 / N°7
ISBN-13 : 978-9956-657-61-5
Language : French
Number of pages : 262
Size : 21,5 X 31 cm
Publication date : July 11, 2019
Price : Africa : 15 € / 10 000 Frs cfa - Out of Africa : 20 €/ 13 100 Frs cfa
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