The high level of corruption in the Cameroonian public hospital system tends to confirm the idea that corruption would have benefits for corrupt gamblers. Mr Oscar BAYEMI and Mr Joseph OLIVIER BAKITI BA MBOG BINYET bring a flat to this perception of the effects of the game corruptive. Using agency theory and secondary data, these two authors show that corruption with and without theft generates enormous costs for all stakeholders in the hospital system. In a context of political, social and armed crisis that Cameroon is going through, and at a time when several states, including Cameroon, are taking stock of the first reforms in the management of public organizations called New Public Management, the authors draw the attention attention of the stakeholders on the role they have to play to improve the management of public affairs and hence the business world. They offer a basket of managerial solutions not yet implemented that can help reduce corruption.


Doctor - HDR in Economics, Oscar Victor BAYEMI is Vice Dean in charge of Cooperation and Research at the Faculty of Economics and Applied Management of the University of Douala. Married, father of several children, he has to his credit a number of articles on corruption published in scientific journals.

Doctor in management sciences, Joseph Olivier BAKITI BAMBOG BINYET is a lecturer at the University of Douala. Assistant Master CAMES, father of several children, he is a consultant in human resources management and public management, has to his credit a large number of articles published in scientific journals.

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Title :

Les coûts de la corruption dans les hôpitaux publics du Cameroun

Author : BAYEMI Oscar Victor, BAKITI BA MBOG BINYET Joseph Olivier
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Santé et Développement Humain
ISBN : 987-9956-657-71-1
Number of pages : 216
Dimensions : 23.5 X 33 cm
Date of publication : October,02, 2019
Price : Africa : 20 € / 13 120 - Out of Africa : 30 € / 19 680
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