The liberalization of the field of social communication that took place in December 1990 caused a real boom in the national press landscape. This landscape which, under the monolithic and dictatorial regime of the first republic, was for a long time controlled by the only government press, will this time be enriched by a multitude of organs and actors with diverse profiles. In the media field that is formed by favor of liberalism, a new race of actors will emerge. Using the verb and the writings in and outside the media, these "journalists" of another kind proceed from espionage, scamming, manipulation, harassing (financially) the personalities of the republic, whose members of the ruling elite: this is the birth of "Hilton journalism". The practice that takes shape in the city of Yaoundé, becomes by extension, a whole state of mind "food" in the national press. "Hiltonism" therefore appears as a journalistic practice that has its own rationality, because it serves both the interests of the "Hilton" in search of "okra", than those of a certain ruling elite who uses this hired, either to whiten his escapades, or to defame his opponents in the socio-political and economic field. The survival of "Hilton journalism" questions in this book, the seriousness of the regulatory policy of the media sector, proclaimed in recent years by the regime in place. The practice turns out to be a political construction of the pauperization of the press by the system, which fears a truly free and independent press, despite the establishment of a regulatory body the CNC whose mission is not that to a folk parade.


Albert NNA NTIMBAN is a University Professor (Ph.D in Political Sociology), Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Yaounde I. His teaching focuses on political sociology, sociology of knowledge, epistemology and sociology of communication. He is also Founding President of the Association of Southern Media Professionals (APMS), consultant in social communication, member of various research laboratories and author of several articles and scientific papers.

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Le « journalisme du Hilton » au Cameroun :
Mécanismes, rationalités d’une pratique et enjeux politiques des acteurs.

Author : Albert NNA NTIMBAN
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Historiographie du Monde Contemporain
ISBN : 987-9956-657-72-8
Number of pages : 218
Dimensions : 23,5 X 34,5 cm
Date of publication : October 09, 2019
Price : Africa : 20 €/ - Out of Africa : 30 € /
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