This pluri-disciplinary book of 56 chapters is a tangible expression of acknowledgment and gratitude that the international scientific community addresses to the illustrious professor Samuel EFOUA MBOZO’O for his immense scientific work. The book poses the problem of materialization of the multitude theories and strategies formulated until date for the African renaissance, a very rich continent with natural potentialities but very curious by for from being emergent. The different contributions analyses diverse aspects of the said problem and present a long profile of challenges, they also present strategic option of resilience. Which are directly exploitable on several plans such as: politico-institutional, economic, social, cultural and ecological. It is established from here that the effectiveness of these prescriptions and the sustainability of the expected results are tributaries of domestication of parliamentary democracy in each state. The putting in place of these prescriptions in this beginning of 21th century and in these democratic conditions constitutes a pledge to the renaissance of the black continent in the upcoming 2060 horizon. Finally, the book Focus in a posture of optimism, renovation, prospective and pragmatically, in conformity to the slogan of professor Samuel EFOUA MBOZO’O: ‘’Duc in Altum’’ meaning always high.

The authors

Bouba MAMOUDOU is an associate professor in political histpry and international relations (University of Duala). Specialist in questions of borders, armed conflicts and African traditional diplomacy, he is member of several thinking societies (CEREDEC, CERDYM, GERHIRIDIPS…). He is author and co-author of several scientific publications.
Domoinique MEVA’A ABOMO is a Cameroon university researcher (university Of Douala) holder of a PHD in geography (university of Douala), a PHD in political sciences (Madison International Institute-USA) and an MBA (university of Douala). International imhotep price, he is the founder and coordinator of Cheikh Anta Diop thinking society (SS-CAD). Member of many research groups, laboratories and thinking and thinking societies, he is author and co-author of many books, articles and scientific communication.
Ernest MESSINA MVOGO is a Cameroon University researcher (University of Duala) holder of a PND in history of international relations. He is the founder and coordinator of research center on the dynamics     of modern world (CERDYM). Member of several research laboratories and groups, he is author and co-author of many articles and scientific communication.
Hanse Gilbert MBENG DANG is doctor, PHD degree in political history and international relations. He is a lecturer in the history department, FLSH – University of Duala and scientific animator in Cheikh Anta Diop thinking society (SS_CAD), He is founder and scientific coordinator of study group and research on the history of international relations, diplomatic and strategic questions (GERHIRIDIPS) and he is a member of research center on the dynamics, of modern world (CERDYM). He is author and co-authors of several publications.

Details of the book

Title : La Renaissance Africaine : de la Théorie à la Matérialisation à l’Horizon 2060. Mélanges Internationaux Offerts au Pr Samuel EFOUA MBOZO’O
Authors : Bouba MAMOUDOU, Dominique MEVA'A ABOMO, Ernest MESSINA MVOGO, Hanse Gilbert MBENG DANG
Editeur : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Politique Africaine en Mutation
ISBN-13 : 978-9956-657-13-1
ISBN-10 :
Language : French
Number of pages : 806
Size : 27 X 18 cm
Publication date : 07 july 2017
Price : Africa : 30 000 / 45,7 € - Out of Africa  : 36 000 / 55 €
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