This book is based on the Memory-Migrations-Migrations triptych, which reveals the intimate relationship between African migrations, on the one hand, and migrations and the memory of the African, on the other. In short, it is a contrasting view of the migratory phenomenon with the aim of removing it from the ideological ghetto where it is confined to a pan-humanist perspective, since it is proved that the history of the humanity has been built on migratory ebbs and flows and that, therefore, this experience is not singular to Africa. What is special, however, is the way we look at it and the way in which this shock, this sense of identity, is assumed and transfigured by the various communities to make it a qualifying test on the path of affirmation. of self and identity reconstruction.

The author

Monique NOMO NGAMBA is Senior Lecturer at the University of Yaounde 1 and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at the École normale supérieure of Yaoundé. Doctor of the University of Valladolid (Kingdom of Spain) at the base, she works on several thematic axes such as feminist literature, comparatism, African and Spanish literatures. She is Director of Publication of "Redelensy", the Electronic Review of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Yaounde, and is the promoter of several other editorial projects such as the collection "África y la literatura comparada". Perspectivas críticas y teóricas ", whose first volume was published in 2016 at" Academia del hispanismo (Spain) "and the second is in preparation. Author and co-author of a series of publications and scientific papers, she is a member of several laboratories, research groups and learned societies, such as the International Research Circle in Speech Language and Speech Analysis (CIRSLAD).

Wilfried MVONDO is a pure product of the University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon). This training teacher holds a PhD / Ph. D from Hispano-American Literature. At the moment, he is a teacher-researcher at the École normale supérieure of Yaoundé at the rank of lecturer. His research interests include, among others, the condition of Afrodescendant in the Americas and migrant literature. He is the author of several publications in international scientific journals and collective works.

Details of the book

Title : Mémoire, migrances et migrations dans les littératures africaines :Perspective comparative
Author : Monique NOMO NGAMBA, Wilfried MVONDO
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Migrations et Mutations Sociales
ISBN-13 : 978-9956-657-33-6
Language : French
Number of pages : 440
Size : 26 X 37 cm
Publication date : june 29, 2018
Price : Africa : 16 400 / 25 € - Out of Africa : 22 960 / 35 €
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