Looking closely at all the theories developed in social psychology since 1882, it is sometimes unpleasant to note that many provide and promote the same idea, the same thought, the same reasoning and sometimes differ only by a concept, a word , an expression, a theme (sensation, perception, motivation, representation, cognition, attitude, belief, intention, conduct, category, influence, imitation, obedience, submission, commitment, aspiration, etc.) that semantically, lexically and semiotically can still refer to the same interpretation. Most often it is the translation into another language that makes the difference. Such an approach would not guarantee the emergence and sustainability of this discipline. This book is offered to researchers, teachers, students and experts on the one hand as a search engine that will find the most quickly a set of useful information (author, date, historical context, experience (study, survey), results obtained, postulate, fields of application, evolution of scientific reasoning, etc.) on a theory, to know more and on the other hand as a referential substrate which will make it possible to know the existing one and of to orient researchers towards non-existent for the development, evolution and survival of psychosociology. It has been a question of finding a great majority of the theories of social psychology and of diffusing them, of making a rigorous and serious (transversal) analysis of these theories to distinguish the redundancies, the repetitions, the plagiarisms, the nonsenses, the fills and finally to show that all the theories of social psychology can be grouped together in a single block, in a whole, and that the grids of reading in social psychology are like the branches of the same tree which we aim to find the root and the trunk.


Claude Désiré NOUMBISSIE is a doctor of Université Lumière Lyon2 (France) and Doctor of the University of Yaoundé1 (Cameroon). He is Expert in Victimology and Psycho-Traumatology (Belgian Institute of Victimology-Free University of Brussels). He is a lecturer and teaches at the University of Yaoundé1, the Catholic University of Central Africa and several higher institutes.

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Le paysage théorique de la psychologie sociale depuis 1882
Entre pléonasme et disconvenance

Author : Claude Désiré NOUMBISSIE
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Ingénierie Sociale et Developpement Humain
ISBN : 987-9956-657-74-2
Number of pages : 530
Dimensions : 24 X 36,8 cm
Date of publication : November 15, 2019
Price : Africa : 25 €/ 16 400F.cfa - Out of Africa : 35 € / 22960Frs cfa
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