This pluridisciplinary book presents two tomes, the bases of asymetrology and particularly African asymetrology. After defining and characterizing asymetrology as a scientific discipline to construct and having study object to be asymmetry conflicts, this first tome dresses a descriptive and analytic table of African asymetrologic conflictuality. On the one hand, the contributions are based on transversal nebulosity such as: AQMI, MUJAO, EI-SHEBAAB, MNLA, BOKOHARAM, Séléka, armed rebellion in DRC, etc; on the other hand, the are on the socio-spatial responses given ; under-proportionate responses, the relative effectiveness submitted to asymetrologic usury. These critical analyses have permitted to conclude that the African society has gone from a society of asymetrologic risk to a society of asymetrologic vulnerability; a predisposed society to undergo damages in case of occurrence of an asymmetric conflict, just as the Northern societies were santuarized since the era of the coming of the fourth generation war (ultramodern trans-spatialized asymmetry); an era inaugurated by attacks of world trade center of 11 September 2001. This passage constitutes a major stake in recognizing black continent. The book prescribes nine cardinal directives in relation to some domains such as: politic, military, economic, social, cultural and scientific, to sustainably overcome this mediocre test of the African renaissance.

The author

Domoinique MEVA’A ABOMO is a Cameroon university researcher (university Of Douala) holder of a PHD in geography (university of Douala), a PHD in political sciences (Madison International Institute-USA) and an MBA (university of Douala). International imhotep price, he is the founder and coordinator of Cheikh Anta Diop thinking society (SS-CAD). Member of many research groups, laboratories and thinking and thinking societies, he is author and co-author of many books, articles and scientific communication.

Details of the book

Title : L’Asymétrologie Africaine Tome1 : L’émergence de l’Afrique à l’épreuve des conflits asymétriques : Vaincre ou Périr ?
Author : Dominique MEVA’A ABOMO (Directeur de Publication)
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Thematic volume N°4,
ISBN-13 : 978-9965-657-05-0
Language : French
Number of pages : 412
Size : 16 X 23 cm
Publication date : 15 January 2017
Price : 19680 / 30 €
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