Development otherwise, effective development, is the leitmotif of these researches apprehended and palpated from the epiphenomena around the situations observed in Cameroon. Based on pragmatist bases, the analyzes of this collective work are exposed in a singular momentum to decipher the possible empirical from academic research. The development boat is sailed by miniaturized expertise. The heuristic cracks resonate so that hard-to-reach sounds can be heard at the endogenous development meeting. These cries are launched by dynamics, cracks, local actions and expressed by unprecedented conjectures. In situ development will be with endogenous actors-researchers or will not be done. Are mobilized, the economic, social, socio-professional, psychological, anthropological, ecological, historical, political, educational, migratory, environmental, agricultural seeds, long-term ferments of a mass to (ac) credit for the concert of the emergence of this country in the center of the earth. The impossibility of external help and emergence driven by the Other is underpinned by the maxim that "help does not help". It fits so well with the developmental proverb, we do not develop, we develop. The development itineraries exemplify these situational complexities, to hope to see Africa - Cameroon - finally take its destiny in hand. Africa in miniature, Cameroon's polyreferential facets elucidate and decipher the possibilities of growth. The rise of Cameroon by these localized cracks is decentered from Afro-pessimism and augurs Afro-optimism. From the most unexpected situations, innovative alternatives bring hope. It is still possible to hope to take part in the meeting of the development of the nations despite the context of tingling and / or magma of despair. The badly negotiated international agreements are blasted because of their coloring brake development. Cocoa farming transcends the objectives of agriculture to take the colors of culture. Education system, forest management, principles of decentralization, norms of business creation, economic partnership agreements, almost imposed from the outside, sufficiently demonstrate that Africans were capped in their absence. In Cameroon, these pieces of structural responses to takeoff are scattered across the intelligentsia. The contributors of this masterpiece give the opportunity to discover them.

The author

Director of African Affairs at the Cameroon Ministry of External Relations, Dr. Paul BATIBONAK is Diplomatic, Minister Plenipotentiary of exceptional class and passionate researcher. He leads the Center for Research, Diplomatic, International and Strategic Studies (CRÉDIS) of which he is the founder. His research interests include globalization and international law; public policies and religious freedoms; industrialization and economic development in Africa. Author of a diplomacy at the service of the emergence of Cameroon, he is also co-author of four other books.

"I am doing so I am", is the entrepreneurial cogito developed by Sariette BATIBONAK for two decades. Socio-anthropologist and methodologist, she is Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Schools. His investigations focus on development issues in Africa and Europe. His research revolves around social issues related to marginality: women, young people, development actors, religious minorities, "social juniors". After committing Speech Anti-Sorcery in the Pentecostals of Cameroon, she co-directed with Paul Batibonak, "New" therapists in Cameroon and media market for divine healing in Cameroon.

Details of the book

Title : Le financement du religieux chrétien au Cameroun : Enjeux pluriels et défis nouveaux
Author : Paul et Sariette BATIBONAK
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Dynamiques Territoriales et Développement
ISBN-13 : 978-9956-657-40-9
Language : French
Number of pages : 426
Size : 25,5 X 34,4 cm
Publication date : September 07, 2018
Price : Africa : 16 400 / 25 € - Out of Africa : 22 960 / 35 €
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