Vocational training, in certain academic and geographical spaces, seems to be becoming a fashion trend. From high school to high school, the promoters get started. This proliferation, with the justified purpose, hides other designs and does not always serve the recipients. This book is an invitation to the culture of vocational training alternately. That's why he's doing all the engineering. Even if the field of tourism is taken as illustrative case, the proposed approach, here, can be applied in other trades. We must rethink vocational training by implementing alternation between training organizations and companies. If one trains for the job, the employer must not be absent in the design, conduct and completion of the training. If this is done for the company, it is in a dynamic of back and forth that the learner must be formed between the two poles of training namely: the training organization and the company. Work-linked vocational training is the real answer to training-employment adequacy. It focuses mainly on skills acquisition and its main indicators are employability and / or self-employment. The learner, in professional immersion, alternates, is in a production situation. And in this momentum, he makes sit down: knowledge, know-how and know-how. And the world of work does not demand more.

The author

Professor Roger Bernard ONOMO ETABA is a pure product of the IREST of the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. A graduate of High Studies and Specialized Research in Tourism, he has been, for more than a decade, a facilitator of vocational training alternately. Expert International Consultant in Tourism and author of numerous publications of references, in the field, it is, at the time of the publication of this work, the Head of Department of Tourism and Hospitality at the FALSH of the University of Yaoundé I.

Details of the book

Title : Guide de formation Professionnelle en alternance en Tourisme et Hôtellerie
Author : Roger Bernard ONOMO ETABA
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Univers Pédagogique en Mutation , N°4
ISBN-13 : 978-9956-657-32-8
Language : French
Number of pages : 238
Size : 23,5 X 32,7 cm
Publication date : June 15, 2018
Price : Africa : 13 400 / 20.60 € - Out of Africa : 19 680 / 30 €
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