This book explores the uncertain future All the spirits (Naif and brighten) but which does not offer a correlation modelisation of social tissue. The book separates itself from mystifying expertise which It re-examines and raises scientific debate on the challenges of realising this project in full connectivity between the thinking base (intellectuals), decisional summit (politicians), potentialities and inherent contingences ; lastly the waiting by the people. Finally, the book proposes ways of adaptability concerning the environment which is competitive and profoundly predator.

The author

Alphonse Zozime TAMEKAMTA is a Cameroon University researcher specialized in questions of conflict within the CEMAC zone, governance, development, security, conflict and mediation. He is a researcher associated to the research and information Group on peace and security (Bruxelles), Expert affiliated to Thinking Africa (Abidjan). He is also Expert-member of Francophone network of research on operation of peace (Montréal). Lastly, he is author of many articles and fine scientific books.

Details of the book

Title : Le Cameroun peut-il être émergent en 2035 ? Prolégomènes, enjeux et défis d’un projet a construire
Author : Alphonse Zozime TAMEKAMTA
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Dynamiques Territoriales et Développement
ISBN-13 : 987-9965-657-02-6
ISBN-10 :
Language : French
Number of pages : 260
Size : 15 X 20 cm
Publication date : 19 August 2015
Price : Africa : 16 400 / 25 €
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