In the history of humanity, from what can be considered today as the first civilization in the chronology of great civilizations: the Sumerian civilization followed by ancient Egypt, the Aegean world, the awakening of the Asia (China and India) until contemporary times, the definition of man changes according to the schools, the doctrines, the eras and even the currents of thought which are born, grow and unfold in time. The human phenomenon becomes difficult and even impossible to define. At the end of all these scholarly exercises, one question remains: What is Man? Man, on the definitional plane, from the creation to the present day, has he remained the same? If it is true that we can not talk about the human sciences without talking about the social sciences, then an answer to this question will help us to try to understand our current societies.

The author

Célestin Xavier TELE was born on February 25, 1985 in Mfou (Cameroon). He is from the department of Lekie in the central region of Nlongbon, a small village located 7 km from Monatele. He began his studies at the nursery school of Mfou in 1989, after his primary education, he attended the industrial and commercial technical high school of the same city (1997-2002) where he learned the trade. His failure in the CAP requires a reorientation, then he enters the Protestant College Andjongo Noa Jean Mfomakap (Obala). There he gets all his secondary education diplomas (with a BEPC in reinforced English). He continued his philosophy studies at the Otele Major Seminary and then at the University of Yaoundé I where he obtained a license in Ontology -Metaphysics. Currently religious of the Priestly Brotherhood St Benedict Joseph Labre, he is actively pursuing research in homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine and parallel research in philosophical anthropology. He is a specialist in blood purification.

Details of the book

Title : L’Homme dans l’histoire des civilisations: Une critique de l’anthropologie classique dans un essai de compréhension des sociétés plus actuelles
Author : Célestin Xavier TELE
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Historiographie du Monde Contemporain
ISBN-13 : 978-9956-657-47-4
Language : French
Number of pages : 258
Size : 34.5X 24.5 cm
Publication date : January 21, 2019
Price : Africa : 16 400 / 25 € - Out of Africa : 19 680 / 30 €
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