A new sort of ‘’dispute of rite’’ , as that which took place in china during the 18st century in the phase of evangelization , has just spread in the 21st century at the Luebo diocese (democratic republic of Congo). This present book appears to be an interdisciplinary justification of Congolese –kasaian rite of the mass practiced in one of the parishes of this diocese, the tshikapakele budikadidi parish is the one found at the heat of the said dispute. This concerns, without neglecting the word, autochthon language, men and women of the base believe for the six authors of this collective book, to analyze from different scientific promontories but also complementary ,this practice of enculturation of Christian life in a portion of African catholic church. They also demonstrate that it is well conformed to the nature of the act of faith, which is an exchange between god who speaks and man who respond from his aspect space and his time, equally to the best directives of the universal magisterial of the contemporary church and to the requirements for the historical evolution of African societies just as those else where.

The authors

BIMWENYI KWESHI is an emirate professor in theology in the faculty of catholic theology of Kinshasa and catholic priest since 1968.
NGINDU MUSHETE is an emirate professor in theology in the faculty of catholic theology of Kinshasa and catholic priest since 1966.
MUSEKA NTUMBA is doctor in theology of the catholic university of Louvain-la-neuve and catholic priest since 1972.
KABASELE LUMBALA is doctor in theology of the catholic institute of Paris and H.D.R in human sciences of the University of Human Sciences of Strasbourg. He is catholic priest since 1974.
NTUMBA MUENA MUANZA is doctor in esthetic anthropology of the university Laval in Canada and catholic priest since 1975.
NYASHI NTAMBUE is assistant researcher and PHD student in history at the higher pedagogic institute of Kananga (DRC).

Details of the book

Title : Une Nouvelle « Querelle des Rites » au 21ème Siècle ? :Le cas du rite congolais-kasaïen de la messe, Paroisse Tshikapa Kele Budikadidi, Diocèse de Luebo, (République Démocratique du Congo)
Authors : Bimwenyi Kweshi, Ngindu Mushete, Museka Ntumba, Kabasele Lumbala,Ntumba Muena Muanza, Nyashi Ntambue
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Sciences Egyptologiques et Développement
ISBN-13 : 978-9965-657-08-5
Language : French
Number of pages : 277
Size : 15x22 cm
Publication date : 27 February 2017
Price : 19680 / 30 €
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