Psychosociology uses its methodology and its reading grid to contribute to the resolution of the crisis that has been raging in the northwestern and southwestern regions of Cameroon for almost three years now a challenge. The first psychosociological analysis of this crisis makes it possible to pose the problem of uncertainty and unpredictability of the cognitions, behaviors and behaviors of the various actors. This problem can be understood at four levels: the asymmetry between the observed causes and behaviors, the feeling of discriminatory deprivation, the fear of deterioration and the loss of the English-speaking identity, and the inadequacy between the acts perpetrated by the insurgents and their claims and claims. To understand this problem, four studies were simultaneously conducted among the populations of the city of Yaoundé (aged 18 and over, of both sexes, belonging to the ten regions of Cameroon). The decryption of the results reveals that different causes are attributed to the crisis (each actor has its cause), the English-speaking populations think they are discriminating in the management of business (political, economic, educational, cultural, etc.) of Cameroon. This discrimination causes them to be afraid of losing their identity. Similarly, the insurgents act as an active minority which unfortunately exerts an influence (barbarity, murder, claim, claim, etc.) to which no state can yield (the creation of an independent state). This is what keeps this crisis going and makes it complex. Urgent solutions would be strengthening the archetypes of national unity based on the inviolable principle of equity, the acceptance of a referendum debate on the form of the state, the promotion of cultural diversity and living together, Establishment of a frank and taboo-free dialogue, the transformation of the social representations of the Anglophonie and the enhancement of the English-speaking identity


Claude Désiré NOUMBISSIE is a doctor of Université Lumière Lyon2 (France) and Doctor of the University of Yaoundé1 (Cameroon). He is Expert in Victimology and Psycho-Traumatology (Belgian Institute of Victimology-Free University of Brussels). He is a lecturer and teaches at the University of Yaoundé1, the Catholic University of Central Africa and several higher institutes.

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Title : La crise dite « anglophone » au Cameroun :
Attribution causale, Catégorisation sociale, Identité sociale, Minorité active…
Author : Claude Désiré NOUMBISSIE
Editor : Editions Cheikh Anta Diop
Collection : Collection Ingénierie Sociale et Developpement Humain
ISBN-13 : 987-9956-657-68-6
Language : French
Number of pages : 148
Size : 24,5 X 33,5 cm
Publication date : September 05 , 2019
Price : Africa : € 20 / 13120 - Out of Africa : € 30 / 19 680
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